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Congress of the blondes

"Invest in women during crisis - in their education and microfinance." - Barack Obama

Dates: October 21 - 24, 2010
Place: Sofia
Motto: "Intelligence will save the world"
Aim: Raising women's status in the social, economical and political life of their countries

Main goals:
To establish an agreement in principal on the questions of women, to define our special interests in international society and ideas for reforms, to propose strategies for improvement of women's status in the society, based on which a Declaration and a Platform for Action during 2011 - 2012 should be prepared.
Collaboration of the International Association of Blondes in international projects and programs with the Member States of the EU and others and engagement of society's attention to the problems of women, which is one of the factors that change politics and economics of the countries.

Main goals:
  • Women's politics, women's rights - part of state politics.
  • Possible spheres of influence on the political processes and participation of the International Association of Blondes in the lawmaking process of the countries.
  • Culture in power and power in culture
  • Emotional and intellectual intelligence
  • Successful business in the time of economic crisis - experience of brunettes and blondes
  • Health in the 21st century - "Right for health"
  • Diseases of the 21st century. Your own health. Visit the doctor.
  • Problems with shopping therapy - choose a mall and shop smart
  • Practices for overcoming depression. Advices and experiences of VIP blondes and famous people.
  • Increasing computer literacy - lessons and seminars.
  • Zoo - mutual projects
  • Family relations. Domestic violent and indifference. Family preservation.
  • Children and predictions for their future.
  • Workshop for blondes
  • Exchange of experience, successful practices, collaboration between the female organizations, open discussion

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